Thanks to Athēna!

Today was the last of my re-examinations, and I have prayed every day for the past few weeks to Athēna, Goddess of wisdom and knowledge (amongst many other things). I asked her for her help, that she would help me concentrate while studying, help me memorising my subject matter, and that she would aid me while doing my exams by helping me focus and help me remember what I had studied.

My altar during my ritual of thanks to Athēna

My prayers where heard, today it went well, enough I think to get a 10/20 I hope, just like my previous exam (I only had two this time). I had promised Athēna incense and candlelight, and a libation of home made green mint-tea. I also read her the Orphic Hymn written for her, and a poem I wrote myself in her praise, also as an offering of thanks.

You can se my altar on the photo, with the libation bowl, incense sticks and candles. At the bottom you can just se my box of matches, a box of incense sticks, and a napkin I use for cleaning up the burned incense. At the top are pieces of pictures of depictions of a number of Gods.

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