Adorations for Athēna


I decided to jump on the bandwagon; several bloggers have compiled a list of adorations towards some Gods. So I thought I’d make some for Athēna, who is my patron as she is a Goddess of science, education, scholarship, and philosophy. The other adorations-posts can be found in the Related Articles section at the bottom of the article.

  1. I adore you, Pallas.

    Detail of Athene from a depiction of Herakles and Apollon struggling over the Delphic tripod. The goddess has a prominent Gorgon's head set in the shoulder of her aigis - a snake-trimmed protective cloak. She also holds a shield and spear, and wears a high-crested helm upon her head. (Image via

  2. I adore you, Eternal Virgin.
  3. I adore you, Wise One.
  4. I adore you, Owl-Eyed Maiden.
  5. I adore you, Only-begotten.
  6. I adore you, Bearer of the Aegis.
  7. I adore you, Protector of the City.
  8. I adore you, Who Brings Victory.
  9. I adore you, Lady of Athens.
  10. I adore you, Who Sprang from the Head of Zeus.
  11. I adore you, Warlike One.
  12. I adore you, Defender.
  13. I adore you, Saviour.
  14. I adore you, Counselor.
  15. I adore you, Contriver of Plans.
  16. I adore you, Strategist.
  17. I adore you, Deceiving One.
  18. I adore you, Crafty One.
  19. I adore you, of Good Health.
  20. I adore you, Born at the River Tritonis.
  21. I adore you, of the Market Place.
  22. I adore you, of the Brazen House.
  23. I adore you, Who Gifted Olive Trees.
  24. I adore you, Vengeful One.
  25. I adore you, Destroyer of Giants.
  26. I adore you, Gorgon-Crested.
  27. I adore you, Who Haunts Caves.
  28. I adore you, Gorgon-Slayer.
  29. I adore you, Mother of the Arts.
  30. I adore you, Begetter of War.
  31. I adore you, She-Dragon.
  32. I adore you, Many-Shaped.
  33. I adore you, Who Aids Heroes.
  34. I adore you, Frenzy-Loving One.
  35. I adore you, Distributor of War Booty.
  36. I adore you, Sounder of the War-Trumpet.
  37. I adore you, Brave in the Din of War.
That’s to for now. Maybe I’ll add some more later, if I find more epithets that aren’t variations of the ones already mentioned.

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