Shame on Paganism

Χαίρετε πάντες!

A rather serious, sad, and angry post today. I recently read this blog post by Sannion at The House of Vines. If you read the whole article, you will find that he speaks of a women, Tess Dawson, a Canaanite polytheist, who has apparently become the focus of attacks by people, simply because Sannion mentioned her and her work in one of his posts. And in this case I take great personal grievance at this, as I consider Tess Dawson a friend of mine – a term I don’t use lightly.

Apparently the people whom Sannion has made his enemies over the years – finding that attacking Sannion himself is pointless – are going after his associates, or apparently pretty much everyone he mentions. He mentions in his discourse on the attacks against Tess Dawson a few people who posted crap about her, and links to some. You can find those here and here. Both these blog posts are in reaction to this blog post by Tess, concerning the situation in Syria and people praying for peace there, without invoking the deities of the cultures that once existed in this region.

These people accuse Tess of proselytising, and trying to recruit more followers for her belief. She is painted as a evil cult leader almost, when all she is doing is speaking the truth, speaking out, and being unapologetic about it. She says that prayers to the Gods for peace in Syria ought to include the native Gods of that region. Apparently this counts as proselytising. Well la-di-da, shut the f*ck up. Do you seriously think it’s okay to pray for peace in some region of the world without invoking the native Gods of that region as well? Do you think it’s all right to pray for the people who lost their lives and/or homes with the tsunami and nuclear situation in Fukushima, without at least invoking the Gods of Japan also? Or to pray the India will overcome the rampant ill-treatment of women, without invoking Durga Mā, or Mahā Kālī, or any indigenous deity from India? To pray that the situation in Egypt will stabilise without also calling upon Amun-Ra, Ma’at, Horus, and the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt?

Then why the f*ck are you attacking Tess for saying the very same thing about the Syrian situation?!? Unless you’re a bigoted, small-minded asshole trying to get to someone else, or trying to further your own agenda. Then this kind of cowardly, uncalled for, lowly attacks against a perfectly good and pious person like Tess Dawson, who is deeply devoted to her Gods and a firm proponent of both her religion and of polytheism in general, who probably has done more stuff for her religion and polytheism in general then you’ve ever considered doing. Shame on you, and shame on “paganism” for letting people like you get away with this bullcr*p. Now go read Tess’s post again and read what she’s ACTUALLY writing. F*ckers.

*End rant* Just needed to get this off my chest. You may continue with your daily business.


7 comments on “Shame on Paganism

  1. This is unfortunate, and very interesting. One of your links to the “attackers” didn’t work for me, but the other did. If you review the About page of that blog, you will see that they support the exact thing that Tess is doing: “The Otherfaith is a communal and solidarity-in-solitude religion, and we also emphasize interacting with local spirits to form a healthy union between ourselves and the unseen forces around us.” Hypocritical if you ask me…

  2. Indeed, it is quite dishonorable when we attack our own. Tempers and Politics AND the Internet are never a good combination as all three seem more then capable of sustaining each other in perpetuity.

  3. Rachmibal says:

    I just found out about the whole issue since I’m pretty new to all this in general (all this being Paganism of the Near Eastern variety), but I find it really sad. I think Tess is amazing! She does great work, and I can’t imagine someone coming after her like that. It’s obvious she wasn’t implying any of what people have been saying, and to suggest she’s an anti-Semite is crazy!

  4. Gerd says:

    I’m very sorry your friend is being prosecuted for speaking her truth calmly. I hope she finds strength in your friendship and the assistence of her deities. Yours truly,

  5. It boggles the mind. Frankly I’d find it gross and inappropriately like spiritual colonialism to pray to my gods for peace in that region when they have no claim on the land, except what was made theirs through the efforts of the Hellenistic Dynasts and Roman dominion. I don’t think anyone wants a real political or spiritual solution to the problem because that requires actual effort — instead they’d rather mouth vague platitudes and empty words to make themselves feel better.

  6. I agree with you, totally. The gods of Syria will help the people, but you must pray to them. I will pray to them, petitioning them to heal the land.

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