Gods & Heroes

This page will list all my posts on Gods, Spirits, Heroes, and other divine beings.

The Olympians


  • Zeús: King of the Gods
  • Hēra: Cow-eyed Queen
  • Arēs: Bronze-Armoured Leader
  • Athēna: Owl-eyed Maiden
  • Apóllōn: Pythian Lord
  • Artemis: Of the Golden Arrows
  • Diónusos: Thrice-Born
  • Poseidōn: Encircling the Earth
  • Aphrodítē: Laugher-loving
  • Hermēs: Herald of the Gods
  • Hēphaistos: The Lame Smith
  • Dēmḗtēr: Lady of Grain
  • Hestía: Keeper of the Hearth

Khthonic Gods

  • Haidēs: Host of Many
  • Persephónē: Above and Below
  • Hekátē: Of Boundaries
  • Khárōn: Ferryman of the Underworld


  • Kronos: King of the Blessed Isles
  • Rhéa: Mother of the Gods
  • Hēlios: Radiant Sun
  • Selḗnē: Shining Moon
  • Ēōs: Rose-fingered Torchbearer
  • Lētō: Mother of Divine Twins


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