Historical Figures

This page will list all my posts about historical figures related to Hellenismos, Hellenic history or the Roman Empire, in chronological order by date of birth (or the earliest date mentioned as a possible date of birth).

  • Hómēros, ca. 8e eeuw BCE.
  • Hēsíodos, ca. 750-650 BCE.
  • Puthagóras ho Sámios, c. 570–c. 495 BCE.
  • Hērákleitos ho Ephésios, c. 535–c. 475 BCE.
  • Sōkrátēs of Athēnai, 469-399 BCE.
  • Hippokrátēs ho Kōios, ca. 460-370 BCE.
  • Plátōn, 427-347 BCE.
  • Aristotélēs, 384-322 BCE.
  • Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 -43 BCE.
  • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, 121-180 CE.
  • Flavius Claudius Julianus, 331/332-363 CE.
  • Flavius Eugenius, ?-394 CE.
  • Hupatía of Alexándreia, 350/370-415 CE.
  • Geṓrgios Gemistós Plḗthon, 1355–1452 CE.

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