The Homeric Hymns

Photograph taken of the bust of Homer in the B...

A Buste of Hómēros (Image via Wikipedia)

In this page, I will gather all the Homeric Hymns in one place, so they can be easily found. The Homeric Hymns are a collection of thirty-three hymns, attributed to Hómēros. They vary widely in length, some count only 4 strophes, while others number over five hundred. Those are the minority though, only Hymns number 2, 3 and 4 count almost or more than 500 strophes, while the 5th counts nearly three hundred strophes. The others are quite small in comparison.

As I mentioned, they are attributed to the famous poet Hómēros, author of the Iliás and Odússeia about the Wrath of Akhilleús that nearly became fatal for the Hellenes during the final year of the Trojan War, and about the Odusseús’ long journey home after having insulted the King of the Sea, Poseidōn. Indeed the Hymns are written in the same Homeric Hellenic dialect, which is a mixture of Ionian and other dialects, and the meter used is the dactylic hexameter. Nevertheless, just like the very existence of Hómēros is very much doubted by modern scholarship, at least as the genius and sole author of the works attributed to him, so is the attribution of the Homeric Hymns not that straightforward. The eldest are probably from the same time period, about the 7th century BCE, but others may be from the Hellenist era or even later. Various authors have been attributed one or more of the hymns, but I will not divulge in that here.

Here is the list of the hymns, I hope you will enjoy them. For convenience I have split up the larger ones in three separate posts, one with the original Hellenic text, one with a Latin transliteration, and one with the translation by Hugh Evelyn-White.

  • Hymn 1: To Diónusos
  • Hymn 2: To Dēmḗtēr
  • Hymn 3: To Apóllōn
  • Hymn 4: To Hermēs
  • Hymn 5: To Aphrodítē
  • Hymn 6: To Aphrodítē
  • Hymn 7: To Diónusos
  • Hymn 8: To Arēs
  • Hymn 9: To Artemis
  • Hymn 10: To Aphrodítē
  • Hymn 11: To Athḗna
  • Hymn 12: To Hēra
  • Hymn 13: To Dēmḗtēr
  • Hymn 14: To the Mother of the Gods
  • Hymn 15: To Hēraklēs
  • Hymn 16: To Asklēpiós
  • Hymn 17: To the Dióskouroi
  • Hymn 18: To Hermēs
  • Hymn 19: To Pán
  • Hymn 20: To Hēphaistos
  • Hymn 21: To Apóllōn
  • Hymn 22: To Poseidōn
  • Hymn 23: To Zeús
  • Hymn 24: To Hestía
  • Hymn 25: To the Moȗsai and Apóllōn
  • Hymn 26: To Diónusos
  • Hymn 27: To Artemis
  • Hymn 28: To Athḗna
  • Hymn 29: To Hestía
  • Hymn 30: To Gaȋa, Mother of All
  • Hymn 31: To Hēlios
  • Hymn 32: To Selḗnē
  • Hymn 33: To the Dióskouroi

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